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AK Anne Klein "Mavra" in Pewter. $79 at Zappos, less at Macy's if you get there on the right day with the right coupon.

For a long time, I’ve resisted the ballet flats trend. Maybe I’m worried about my feet looking too small, which would make my ankles look fat?

Or maybe because I took ballet lessons way too seriously as a child.  I therefore resist the appropriation of the style by the non-ballet mainstream.  (Ballet flats? Do YOU DANCE?!) Seriously, you think I’m joking, but that is totally something I would say.


If you are going to get ONE pair of shoes for summer, consider CUTE FLATS:

-Flat heel so you can walk long distances, like on vacation.

-Embellished and cute.  Make anything you wear into more of a look. Don’t worry about matchy-matching the color/detail with your clothes, just mix it up.

-Metallics are neutral and very current.  So are nudes, greens and light blues.  Avoid black.  Seriously.

-Make sure they are comfortable flats. AK Anne Klein iflex have a nice rubber sole and fairly good support.

Born Peony, $72.50 at Zappos (less at Macy's if you find your size and have a coupon).

-Flats go with jeans, shorts, skirts, work dresses, everything (except I avoid them for sand/dirt terrain, I’m afraid they would get scuffed if I wear them that hard).

-Flats are more versatile than sandals — don’t need to worry about your pedicure and you can stand a little rain.

Cute flats!


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AHOPE for Children is a program that provides support services to Ethiopian children, especially orphans infected with HIV.  How cool would it be if we could support them by SHOPPING?

Lucky us!  AHOPE has been chosen as one of Macy’s charities in their annual “Shop for a Cause” event. 

Free People Military Ruffled Jacket, $148 at Macy's

Free People Military Ruffled Jacket, $148 at Macy's

How it works:

-People like you and me buy $5 coupons from AHOPE

-On Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009, we go to Macy’s to get our $5 off AND an additional 25% off savings pass.

-100% of the proceeds from coupon sales of that go directly to AHOPE.  Our goal is to sell 2,000 of them to raise $10,000. Sound modest? That buys a substantial amount of food, medication, books and toys for the 100 children living in AHOPE’s Ethiopean orphanges.

-You’re also entered to win $500 from your local Macy’s store.  I personally think all contests are rackets, ever since I got screwed on Cosmo’s “Win a Date with Alex Rodriguez” in 1997.  So to make this one interesting, I’ll dedicate my potential $500 winnings in advance as an AHOPE donation.

I’ll make the AHOPE coupons available here via whatever email/paypal/Facebook machination we can figure out.  If Seattle-area blogreaders are interested, I’d love to meet at Macy’s (Southcenter would be best for me) on October 17 for a WGD shopping event. 

Shop on!

If you’re interested or involved with any other Shop for a Cause charities (there are hundreds of them), feel free to promote them and meet up to shop.

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