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Die Caprihose

What would you wear if you were standing right here?

It’s summer! What are you going to wear? Ready to talk Capri Pants?

I figured that Capri Pants are named after the island of Capri (left).  But I didn’t know much more than that, so I did some research. The best article I could find was in German, titled “Die Caprihose.”   It’s too good to paraphrase, so I will quote it directly:

What is a Capri pants?

In English they are called Capri Pants, in German they are called fisherman pants. This medium-length pants are actually designated by the way according to the Italian island of Capri and should probably give a relaxed and casual ambiance.  Invented it, otherwise read as often, the German designer Sonja de Lennart, and not the Italian Emilio Pucci. The designer was selling only pants he imitated de Lennart. Probably the misunderstanding arose about the origin of Capri pants, because Pucci Capri 1949 opened his first boutique, and there’s also sold counterfeit pants.

Modehit of the 50s

 The fashion hits of the 50s of course include the petticoat and skirt, silk stockings with seams, cocktail dresses, the controversial bikini and just the Capri pants. You are probably wondering you if you hear that it was almost revolutionary at the time. The tight, short pants fueled endless debates on morality and decency of their carriers and the morale of the youth in general to. Today we, the Capri seems far more provocative, but at that time, only the bravest dare to trend-setters on the street. Many mothers forbade their daughters to appear in the Capri pants on the road. Sunbathe on the beach but it was in the 50’s a fashion must.

Well, there you go.  Any case anyone needs more info, here are my Capri Pant tips. Actually it’s one tip:

  • Try on the capri pants.  Only buy them if they look great on you.

Last year I started cuffing my capris, made them a little shorter and more current. Or not.

Do not buy capri pants because it’s hot and you need something to wear. Do not buy them because they are in style, or because everyone else has them, or because they or on sale.

If you are tall, make sure your capri pants are not too short (well-below the knee) or they will make you look gangly.  If you are short, maybe slim-jean capris will look good on you. Maybe not. If you have wide hips, be sure the leg isn’t too tapered, or it will make you look like an ice cream cone. A little flowly flare-calf action can look good.  If you think you have ugly ankles, take an honest friend shopping with you to see if she nixes the Capri Pants.  If she doesn’t, you have a hang-up about your ankles.  Get over it.

Avoid: Capri-pant suits, Capri pants in prints, tight white capri pants that show your underwear.  Evening capri pants?  I say no.  Unless you LOVE how you look and feel like a million bucks, don’t wear capri pants (especially not black ones — gah!!) when you’re dressed up. You’re a grown woman, go wear a dress.

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Boden Straightleg Crop Pant in Crocus, $78. Does this look good on its own, or just because the Boden model is so damn skinny?

This looks great. It would not look better cropped. J. Crew Heritage Fit Chino, $39.99
If you are too hot for pants, wear shorts: Piece-dyed Bermudas in gray pearl, $39.50 at The Gap
What do you think? Woodrush Green, Banana Republic Crinkle Pant, $98

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Two Dresses

This is totally going to be me

For evening adults-only wedding at San Diego's famous Prado, July: Jewelled Party Dress, jersey viscose, $96.60

I have been pretty good about not spending money on clothes . . . two cute cardigans from Macy’s (“fever” brand, they run around $68 but go on sale in the $20’s if you keep your eye out).  Silver flats that I love.  And now, for upcoming Summer wedding/rehearsal etc., stuff, I finally pulled the trigger on Boden dresses! Today was “30% off free shipping day.” You probably already missed 30% day. But if anyone is interested in Boden they are pretty generous with coupon codes, so let me know. 

Also, Ann Taylor Loft is practically breaking into my house to leave me coupons.  Any other great deals out there?

Okay it will look better on a person

Drapey jersey dress, blueberry batik, finally in stock and today just $89

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ECI Beaded Matte Jersey Dress, $98

I should be able to find a dress I can wear to both a wedding (not my own) and a baseball game.   Accesories make the difference: 

A sunny afternoon wedding: With heeled sandals, a darling little handbag, a drapey silk cardigan, and husband in a suit and tie.      

  • A sunny afternoon baseball game: With flip-flops, sunglasses, knit hoodie, a diaper bag.  Husband in shorts and polo shirt.     

Is a dress at the ballpark a little excesseive for the Carolina Leagues? .  Not necessarily.  Jersey is comfy and doesn’t wrinkle.  Knits are casual.  A skirt and loose waistband are comfier than shorts or jeans on a hot day (For me — WAY comfier.  (Le Citron  is not a big fan of Le Waistband).    


Jolie sleeveless dress in viscose in Pear, by Horny Toad at Title 9, $65

These also would work for barbeques, picnics, parades and county fairs.  The prints make them casual.  My only problem would be the, “every time I’ve seen you all summer, you’re wearing that same dress” problem. Or “there’s Robin in that cute dress again!” Or maybe “I’m so glad you wore that dress again! I was just TELLING everyone how cute it was and now they can see for themselves.” 

And check out the twist-knot neckline!  It’s so 2010. 


Santorini dress in Blue Moon Crete, knit with shelf bra at Athleta, $98




Boden Blueberry Drapey Jersey Dress, $128 and I have a 15% off coupon

Deep Rose

Deep Rose Empire Waist Knit, $49.50 at Ann Taylor Loft. Where I have a 20% coupon.

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In style right now

Check out the little twist-neck knot-looks-like a bow look! It’s everywhere.

Linen crinkle dress, shown in turquoise. Also in grape, raspberry and white. $98 at Boden (15% coupons floating around right now!)


Magenta twist-neck lightweight cotton pullover. Also in Spring Coral, Moon Grey, Citrus Green, Lavendar Ice, Limeade, Papaya, Magical Plum, Boysenberry, Black and Ivory. Ann Taylor Loft, $20.

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Most shapeless, boring, oversized coat imaginable. Ordered online because it looked warm; too lazy/cold to return it. For eight years.

Most shapeless, boring, oversized coat imaginable. Ordered online because it looked warm; too lazy/cold to return it. For eight years.

Coats.  It might be a West Coat thing.  We tend to use coats as gear, just to keep us warm.  Instead of choosing a beautiful coat to enhance our look, we throw Whatever on over our “real” clothes, just to stay dry before we start the day for “real.”   When you wear a coat like that, you are wrapped.  You might even think of yourself as invisible. You are sending yourself the message that you don’t count for the moment.  You are not Dressed.

Good shape, fit and detail: Anne Klein II

Good shape, fit and detail: Anne Klein II

From the time we walk out the front door, each moment is an opportunity to be at our best in the world.  Of course certain moments “don’t count,” like if you are escaping from a house fire. But I’d say, it’s better to expect moments to count — really, make them count — instead of discounting each moment.  Including moments when you have to wear a coat.

Because, you never know when a Moment might hit.  Like a chilly August afternoon in 2006:  I was hurrying through downtown Seattle on my way back from lunch when suddenly, the first squad for the Real Madrid football club* came striding down the block.  Surrounded by fans taking pictures.  I am not kidding.  They were in town for an exhibition game and they had apparently decided to sight-see right past my office.  A herd of internationally beautiful and athletic men right there in front of me.  I gaped, blushed, grinned . . . and found myself wondering, “what might they see when they look . . . .at me?

David, wait! I have a cute dress on under this frumpy black rain jacket

David, wait! I have a cute dress on under this frumpy black rain jacket

I was having a perfectly cute Seattle Girl moment, wearing a nice little summer dress.  But it was cold, so I was totally covered by a dumpy, ill-fitting raincoat.   Like all of us, I can look kinda-awesome or I can look invisibly schlumpy.  And if David Effing Beckham comes walking down the street, which do you want to be? Do you want to be disguised in a bad windbreaker just because a workweek lunch alone “doesn’t count?” You will not get a second chance to be an extra in a Beckham movie.  Also, my sandals probably sucked.

Discount your coat and you discount real moments of real life.  Coats are not just wrapping. They don’t make you invisible. Coats count. SO:


Purple Satin Trench, $39.99, Target

 1. Coats must fit. We tend to wear coats big so we can snuggle down inside them and wear lots of layers under them.  Allow for a sweater underneath and have some arm movement.  But be sure your coat isn’t too big in the shoulders and sides, and don’t wear it bigger than necessary.  Rule of thumb: If you wore your coat when you were more than 6 months pregnant, it is TOO BIG for you when you are not pregnant.

2. A wardrobe needs more than one coat.  Your toughest play-in-the-rain coat, which will keep you dry for a winter beach hike in a storm, has a hood and fits over a heavy sweater.  This is not also your go-get-coffee-looking-cute coat, which should be more fitted and stylish.  Around here it’s good to have a “nicer rain” coat, a “storm” coat,  maybe a “very warm / no hood for cold dry days” coat, and a good “lightweight” (spring/fall and yes, summer) coat or two.  Even if you’re not a total clothes ho like some of us, it is really, really good to have a variety.  If you try to make the same coat work every time and place, it won’t work perfectly for anything. You will always be compromising.

3. Coats take the MOST time and money of any wardrobe item (Except maybe boots). Remember the $3 Rule .  A good coat lasts for years and will be worn a lot.  It needs to hold up to wear and weather. If it is wool or gortex, it’s going to cost money.  If it’s well-stitched and watertight, it’s going to cost more money.  Cute little jackets and raincoats can be cheap, but consider investing in your main coats.  Also invest the time to try coats on.  Figure out what looks best. Don’t guess. Don’t settle.  Don’t order from the catalog, give up, and wear it for years because you’re too discouraged to return it and keep looking (see photo, above).

Sherpa-lined Frost Free Jacket, $82 at Old Navy Women's Plus

Sherpa-lined Frost Free Jacket, $82 at Old Navy Women's Plus

4. Make shape and structure work for you.  If you’re going to cover yourself in a big huge garment, it needs to enhance your shape.  For a long coat, notice how it drapes or swings.  Watch where it hits your legs (and consider hemming if it’s length is out of proportion).  If you need more waist, wear a coat with a belt; If you need to balance out your shoulders and chest, wear a coat with cute pleats on the bottom.  If you are round in the middle, wear a coat with good shapely seams and interesting details around the face.  And when it comes to bulky, warm coats — we all need them sometimes — get a beautiful color or texture.  Use the bulk to balance your body (don’t add where you don’t need it).

Three from Boden.

Three from Boden.

Reid Jacket by Dolce Vita, wool lined with silk, $286

Reid Jacket by Dolce Vita, wool lined with silk, $286



*Yes, I totally had to look that all up — the team name, and the correct use of “First squad.” I did not think this at the time.

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Just ordered this from Boden.  It is silk “jersey” which is kind of a twill but still nice and flowy.  I love that it has just a little pink but still sophisticated, will work for dancing (afternoon wedding with a country club dinner reception).  I don’t have much luck finding fit from Boden, but this was PERFECT — I figured I just needed to fit the bust and I was right (the cut is forgiving with shoulders and waist). Length is perfect, which is just luck since I’m short.

I’m still trying to decide on shoes.  And looking for small drop earrings, maybe teardrop-shaped pearls or something.

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