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Kelly Choi on Top Chef Masters, April 7, 2010

If you haven’t discovered structured jackets yet, they are awesome. Especially for round-ish body shapes like mine (if you have wide shoulders and a small waist, you may be more interested in drapey cardigans).

And Ruffles are IN. Ruffles make otherwise-structured pieces feminine and interesting. Watch out for big ruffles – they add volume and drama, and a little volume and drama go a long way. Little ruffles are easier to work with. I especially like them with denim or tailored suit jackets, it’s such a nice little textured surprise. A little optical illusion, like “is that one jacket or is she wearing something under it?” Whimsical.

Ann Taylor Loft Fitted Cotton Jacket

Ann Taylor Loft Fitted Cotton Jacket, $82.50

Caslon Denim Jacket with ruffle trim, $68 at Nordstrom

Wearing a single-color jacket is slimming. Subtle vertical detailing draws the eye into a lengthening line.  If you like this, try on lots to see what works best on you.

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Braid thong wedge in gunmetal, $34.50 at Ann Taylor Loft


Did anyone else get an ATL coupon in the mail? It’s a hidden treasure!  It advertises “20% off any full-price items instore” OR “20% of a minimum of $100 full-price items online.”  

I went online and filled my virtual Shopping Bag with a variety of items:  the $78 Ruched Jersey Dress, $34.50 sandals (see right), and a few cute t-shirts that were already 30% off. 

So $112 in full-price items and about $60 in sale items.  It applied the discount to all of it! Apparently once I met the $100 minimum in full-price merchandise, the coupon code kicked in and discounted my entire cart at 20% all.  So the t-shirts came out to 50% off. Woot. 

Notice that this answers the Question: On a limited budget, do I want one pair of gorgeous  Cole Haan peep-toe pumps? Or do I want to expand my entire wardrobe?  Answer: I have twelve days in court over the next two months, including a jury trial.  You do not wear reflective peep-toe shoes in front of a jury.  You wear conservative suits with comfy but pretty cotton shirts underneath them. 

Also these will be cute with shorts for watching little league (we are graduating from T-ball to Coach Pitch this spring!) And with sweet cotton skirts for hot business casual.  And with my Gap jean skirt, which I rocked all winter with tights and boots, and will hopefully work with those silver sandals (above). The $34.50 ones, not the $198 ones. 

Check it out: 


Silk pleated trim neck tees $14.75; Knot Embroidered Tee, $18.25

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In style right now

Check out the little twist-neck knot-looks-like a bow look! It’s everywhere.

Linen crinkle dress, shown in turquoise. Also in grape, raspberry and white. $98 at Boden (15% coupons floating around right now!)


Magenta twist-neck lightweight cotton pullover. Also in Spring Coral, Moon Grey, Citrus Green, Lavendar Ice, Limeade, Papaya, Magical Plum, Boysenberry, Black and Ivory. Ann Taylor Loft, $20.

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Purple and black watercolor top, jean jacket, pencil skirt, red Cole haan heels

Purple and black watercolor top, jean jacket, pencil skirt, red Cole haan heels

Since I posted my Argument in Favor of Prints, I’ve been thinking how hard to judge a print on its own.  It’s all about the outfit.  Since I’m now worried about being all typecast as the Woman Who Wears Florals, I gathered some print-inclusive outfit combinations in an attempt to demonstrate that I do not look dowdy and lame. I hope (there are more floral prints here, with color and camisoles  ). 

These pictures don’t zoom in on the print, but that’s kind of my point.  I’m going for the Overall Effect that you’d get seeing me walk down the street.  Opinions? I know this isn’t everyone’s style (this is all my business casual work stuff).   Would these outfits work better or worse without prints? how would you adapt them to your own tastes if you were to dress Robin-Business-Casual for the day?

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, gray skirt, Circa Joan & David heels.

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, gray skirt, Circa Joan & David heels.


Bellatrix floral top (probably about $6 at The Rack by now) with gray suit

Bellatrix floral top (probably about $6 at The Rack by now) with gray suit


My husband is 8 inches taller than me, which apparently adds 10 pounds when he's the one taking my picture. I do think this is cute, though.

No matter how much you love someone, it is hard to be photographed by them when they are 8 inches taller because it adds like 10 pounds. I do think this is cute, though.


Target skirt that got ruiined in the dryer, brown top, gray Talbots jacket

Target skirt that got ruined in the dryer, brown top, gray Talbots jacket. No I do not know where the baby went in this shot, weird.


Kind of animal-ish print, gray skirt, tortoiseshell pumps

Kind of animal-ish print, gray skirt, tortoiseshell pumps. Baby is just about to run into the frame, I cropped her out.

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Got this dress in a cute print for $19.99. Dont know what Im going to wear under it since I cant do spaghetti straps alone, but I just loved the knit. Cheaper and cuter than I found at Target last month!

I’ve been trying to stay cool lately with my Summer Business Casual , and our deathmama is keeping us in line with What Not to Wear to the Ballpark in 103 Degree heat. Yet summer’s not over! We’re in for another week of High 80’s, which around here is hot.  And yes, I know all about “close your house up during the day” but that barely keeps us below 85 at night. We’re in for more sultry nights with a King-Sized bed full of cats and toddlers (I’ve got the only room with an a/c and no, you’re not invited).

Ann Taylor Loft (ATL) has really good summer clearance stock right now. I’m meh on ATL — display clothes look cute, but they run short-waisted (I don’t).  It’s not THAT cheap considering it’s Ann’s “value” line.  Should t-shirts you buy in a LOFT really cost $34.99?

But the summer sale is a nice surprise.  Plenty of inventory, especially in sizes 10 and 12. Cute shorts, tees, filmy little tops, and a few different cotton dresses at Target-scale prices ($9.99- $19.99).  Great colors (salmon, plum and prints) and neutrals (white, navy, and whatever we’re calling khaki these days).


Denim capris, $19.99. Do not wear striped underwear with these

I got two tops and a pair of white jeans. I’ve been debating white denim since Spring. Some of you look damn cute in it but I’m conflicted.  Thie might relate to a bad date I had in the 80’s while wearing a pair of white Guess jeans (ankle zip). Or maybe it’s the time I told my sister I could see her striped underwear through her shorts. She rightfully got pretty testy with me, but it was kind of a lose-lose situation, because are you supposed to say nothing?  Oh and this was three years ago.

But I liked the white jeans on me, they are very fresh and clean-looking, and a killer fit that looks sexy and cute and not at all like “Laura Bush wears Lands End to Camp David,” or whatever that model has going on.

Five weeks of summer left! Don’t give up on getting dressed and staying cool.

For Aki: Lots of fine-gauge knit cardigans at ATL!

For Aki: Lots of fine-gauge knit cardigans at ATL!

Edited by deathmama: I have to do whatever Robin does so I dashed over to Ann Taylor Loft this afternoon and purchased a black tank top on sale. I know it looks like every other black tank top I own but it is really nice and I feel good in it. There is a ruching detail at the chest which I love. The cardigan option Robin posted for me was too “sweatery” for me. I did try on a grey ruffly cardigan thing that I liked but for $69 I think I can get something I like more at Anthropologie so I put it back.

are people getting sick of this same old look yet? i just love black top and denim bottom. i'll branch out soon, i swear. $14.99

are people getting sick of this same old look yet? i just love black top and denim bottom. i'll branch out soon, i swear. $14.99

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