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Horizontal Stripes

We all know horizontal stripes are dangerous.  So why do we play with them?  Because they’re so darn cute, that’s why!  I’ve always tended to stay away from them, though.  But every once in a blue moon a certain combination of colors, fit and style of a shirt will just grab me, as this one did.

perfect stripes for an 80s event

perfect stripes for an 80s event

This shirt was about $6 on sale at Old Navy.  I think I look pretty cute.  Doesn’t my friend L also look hot?  When are stripes bad, when are they good?

I think it’s really a matter of knowing yourself and your body. Some people might look great in certain stripes, and yet others could look totally wide and awkward in the same shirt. I know for me personally, crew necks do not work. It emphasizes my big breasts and I would look and feel stuffy and uncomfortable.  I own one other striped shirt that I bought about 5 years ago and it’s also a scoop neck T but with thinner and darker stripes (the other key for me is low contrast between the stripes).  I think that I also get overwhelmed if I wear them in long sleeves so I stick to shorter sleeves.

I’ll try to find examples of stripes that do and don’t seem to work on me and others and post them here.

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