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If you’re tall, skinny and beautiful (and possibly young), a miniskirt would look smashing. But what if you’re short and squat and of mediocre visage?  What if you’re 40? Why should we be left out? Can’t we have some fun too? I think that you can, provided you go into it with your eyes wide open.  Understand what you’re doing, and then OWN IT.

Before the judges make their decision on Project Runway, the worst offenders are asked to defend their designs.  Sometimes the difference between staying and going boils down to whether the judges deem the designer to be a risk-taker or having very bad taste. That’s all nice and good on a TV show but in real life, how can anyone know the intent of the wearer?

Is it fair to criticize a woman on the street because you don’t agree with what she’s wearing? Maybe she was on her way to a costume party.  Maybe it’s laundry day. Maybe she’s having an “off” day. Maybe she just felt wacky that morning. Maybe she’s being ironic.

an example of a woman being ironic: America's Next Top Model cami with linguini straps, with nursing bra straps showing

I usually try to give regular citizens a “real life” allowance on what they’re wearing.  We can’t all look fabulous all the time. (Celebrities are more or less fair game though. They have stylists and money and know they’re being photographed).  If they look semi-ok, frumpy, dumpy, sort of bad or even stupid, I will usually forgive them.  But what I absolutely agree with raisarobin on, is the FIT.  If you are wearing something that doesn’t fit, I will ridicule you here.

This is too small, and too short:

The intent here may have been “oops peek-a-boo” coy sexy. Or maybe just lazy slob:

Just because the front buttons fit together it doesn’t necessarily mean it fits:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going a size or two up:

(UPDATE: ok, initially I thought the shirt was bad but after reading your comments I realized that the jeans are the wrong size. The shirt just happens to hug her curves.  If the jeans were higher and actually covered her bottom where it’s supposed to, she could have saved the look)

There will be more. Oh, there will be more. Please stay tuned.

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Just ordered this from Boden.  It is silk “jersey” which is kind of a twill but still nice and flowy.  I love that it has just a little pink but still sophisticated, will work for dancing (afternoon wedding with a country club dinner reception).  I don’t have much luck finding fit from Boden, but this was PERFECT — I figured I just needed to fit the bust and I was right (the cut is forgiving with shoulders and waist). Length is perfect, which is just luck since I’m short.

I’m still trying to decide on shoes.  And looking for small drop earrings, maybe teardrop-shaped pearls or something.

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