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Fashion Week

Hello everyone, I told you I’d be back. Exciting post for you today!

This traveling fashion correspondent just spent a full 22 hours smack in the middle of NYC, roughly 2 of which I spent gawking at… well, other gawkers. This makes me an expert now, right? So let’s get down to it.

Wait. Who am I kidding? I don’t know a gosh darn thing! So I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures I took. That’s all you want to see anyways, right?

Okie dokie. This guy getting his photo taken said this was Evangeline Lilly. There was some debate among my friends but one of them figured out it was Abigail Spencer.

This is all the rage now.

And do NOT forget your see through pants.

Wearing pants is passe.

Actually, I like this one. She is cute.

Industry hipster

You'd think she's out of place but she walked right past security.

Hmm not so flattering pants.

What an actual fashion correspondent looks like.

People sure do like their legs.

Robin will go insane with all the black shoes.

Look, non black shoes. Colors!

Okie dokie

Attention-seeking hat


Mama? I'm hungry.


Tapir cookie


He acts like he's famous. Maybe he is?

More forgotten pants

Giant shiny purses. And old ladies.

More loud purse and old lady.


Was actually hoping the girl's boobs would pop out. They didn't.

Brrr my butt

Skip to the evening. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was taping some sort of bit in Times Square. Cutie.

Obviously my pictures weren’t very high quality. I wish I was more prepared. Here are some other pictures that are fuzzier or are less entertaining.

Fancy moms with fancy children

Fancy nanny with fancy children

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