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Mixed prints

I tried to do this as a comment to dmama’s post below but I couldn’t get the picture to work.  Scroll down to read her posts and check out Mixed Prints below. Some prints I think work together:

Mixed prints looking great at the Zoo!

Mixed prints looking great at the Zoo!

I think this comes out cute (including the print handbags) in a fun, casual way.  The prints are all hip and current with good energy.  Not trying to matchy-match but doesn’t clash, either.  Left to right:

  • C in purple applique top, pink leggings, and pink camo Converse
  • Me in purple print shirt and blue/green/white Fossil purse
  • E in geometric green floral and white leggings
  • M in pink Velociraptor T and navy knit shorts
  • K looking fabulous in coral top, print skirt, and green print bag

I wouldn’t wear my Fossil purse as a skirt with that top. It’s definitely a different mood and color scheme — so it says “Hey I’m carrying a cute purse” not “wow I’m pulling it ALL together.” There is a common kind of blue in them both though, so I think it’s great for a day at the Zoo.


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