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Accessories for men

Cute little daughter? Check. Pink backpack? Check.

Hugh Jackman with his daughter

You are welcome. There is more here:



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When old people party

This is what it looks like when we party

Sometimes, I cut loose and party. For instance, last night I was out at Jillian’s with 7 of my closest friends for a hoppin’ happening hot VIP billiard party.

Ok, it was actually a 20-person party package that my dear friend J won at an auction and the 8 of us were the only ones who could manage to carve out some time to come out. The youngest of us was 36 and the oldest of us was mid 40s (I don’t really know who was the oldest. Was it my husband?). At the door J was asked by the hostess what “kind of crowd” could they expect, just so they know. “It’s gonna get crazy. Get some backup support up there, stat.” LOL.

But wait. No, we weren’t all just a bunch of tired old nose-picking geezers. Observe:

Hot mama "D" brings it back. BIB, yo.

Upon her arrival I commented on how nice our friend D looked and she revealed to me that she was waiting for the party downstairs in the bar catching up on our WhyGetDressed? blog reading the “Older women in skirt and boots” post. Except that she said “Old ladies in skirt and boots.” No. Old-ER, not OLD. And we talk about what a great thing it is. And how we should all do it. So bravo, D!

Then she went on further to say she had just gotten a wardrobe consultant to come to her house to assess her clothing choices and style and was waiting to hear back from her. Her very own version of “What Not to Wear,” if you will. How exciting is that? And how great will it be to have our good friend D guest post here about her experience? How many are in favor? Let’s pressure her into posting about this!!!

As I often like to say: FACE PUNCH: LET’S DO THIS!

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Kelly Choi on Top Chef Masters, April 7, 2010

If you haven’t discovered structured jackets yet, they are awesome. Especially for round-ish body shapes like mine (if you have wide shoulders and a small waist, you may be more interested in drapey cardigans).

And Ruffles are IN. Ruffles make otherwise-structured pieces feminine and interesting. Watch out for big ruffles – they add volume and drama, and a little volume and drama go a long way. Little ruffles are easier to work with. I especially like them with denim or tailored suit jackets, it’s such a nice little textured surprise. A little optical illusion, like “is that one jacket or is she wearing something under it?” Whimsical.

Ann Taylor Loft Fitted Cotton Jacket

Ann Taylor Loft Fitted Cotton Jacket, $82.50

Caslon Denim Jacket with ruffle trim, $68 at Nordstrom

Wearing a single-color jacket is slimming. Subtle vertical detailing draws the eye into a lengthening line.  If you like this, try on lots to see what works best on you.

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Mission Accomplished

This is the recommended attire for shopping at the mall. And yes, that's my son behind her.

Hey, remember how I said yesterday that I was going to go shopping more and that I needed disposable Tshirts and a light casual but cool outerwear? Well guess what (chicken butt)? My friend J and I went to the “Seattle” Premium Outlet Mall way the hell over in Tulalip today. My list included 1. shirts 2. outerwear 3. socks for kid 4. shoes for kid. And guess what (chicken butt. Hee, this never gets old!)? All items got checked off. No one cares about the kid stuff so I’m posting my own finds.

Remember (I don’t really expect you to remember) the black Tshirt I got at the Banana Republic Outlet a while back? I did not wear it for a few months because it was out of season but also because it was a bit different from the styles I normally wear. But I started wearing it a couple of months ago and decided I loved it. So when I spotted the same style at the store today I had to grab one. Too bad they didn’t have any other colors I liked. I love the neckline because it draws the eyes up. But also this was a size L where I could probably just do fine with an M. I’ve been doing Ls lately because I’m no longer comfortable showing people how many stomachs I have. With a somewhat billowy pouf created by the whatchamacallit bottom waist hem I can disguise my least favorite body part. See?

Please ignore the tumtum.

Then when asked what I was looking for in a casual cool outerwear I couldn’t explain. “You know, just something casual. But cool. Nothing fancy.” I was actually kind of doubtful of finding anything today but can you believe I found it at Eddie Bauer? I never ever shop there except for rain jackets and down vests. I always associate EB with old lady. Well well well. Check it out. It’s like a hoodie but it’s not. The length is perfect too, longish with a thick hem that ends exactly where it’s supposed to on the butt. Score.

The key is in the collar there.

You know what else? Zebras. If you want to keep current this season you must invest in them:

You know you want it. It's only $60.

Fine. If you can't afford that then here's the $40 version.

In additional news, today was 3 girls a go shopping day:

I should probably blur their faces out or I'll get sued or something.

These three were wearing the same hats!!

My next adventure is going to be thrift shopping on Sunday with L again. I don’t really need anything anymore so I’ll continue to dress her up in office wear. I also want to participate in a Meg Wood makeover one of these days. Who’s with me?

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Road to Fabulosity

This is the kind of outfit I expect my fabu friend E to wear. To the grocery store.

At the end of February, my pal L and I decided to have a fabulous staycation and spent the weekend at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle child-free and mom-free. What ensued was a super fun two and a half days filled with cackles and whooping and much strategizing of our path to fabu enlightenment. Originally I was thinking of making this post a whole big narrative including details about the hos we saw in the Cheesecake Factory bathroom, the hot waiter at Sazerac that I almost ran off with, the relaxi-taxi facials we got at the Elaia spa at 8 Olive, but as so much time has passed I’ve forgotten most of it so I’m going to just stick to the shopping aspect here.

As you may or may not know, L was promoted last year at her job from being a lab coat wearing nerd to a fast track up-n-coming office exec lady. Then she lost 25 pounds. So new L equals new wardrobe, right? We needed respect commanding workwear that also said “young fun and single, yo.” So these are the things we looked at:

Springy sproingy colors at Banana Republic

Chic and whimsy at Anthropologie

Muted nuetrals at Ann Taylor

Body hugging slutwear at Express

Casual and cool blues at Nordstrom

Listen, we tried on a bajillion pieces of clothing. Learned a lot of lessons. We laughed. We cried. In the end, L walked away with only 3 pieces but they are a fabulous 3. In fact, if I weren’t a stay at home sloth I would have bought the exact same cowl necked striped shirt she got at Anthro (it’s the first shirt you see in the Anthro picture above). Girlfriend also got a brown knit cardigan there and a pale blue cowl neck shirt at Banana.

Great shopping, good job, cute shoppy girl!

Incidentally, the only things I ended up getting this weekend were two pairs of Smartwool socks for myself at Nordstrom Rack and clo for my son and niece at Gap and Old Navy.

Next time I'll think of myself more, promise!

Now that spring has sprung we’ll be going on more shopping jaunts and I will update you on what I see and what I buy. This season all I’m looking for are disposable Tshirts that I can wear to death and an interesting light outerwear that I can wear over said disposables. I’ve got my lower body uniform figured out (designer jeans, Smartwool, Danskos) so the eye of Sauron is now focusing on upper wear. Wish me luck!!

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Hi, I have no excuse for being away for so long. I could say that I didn’t really have a working computer and that I have a toddler to chase after. Busy busy. But no. Robin’s H key didn’t work, she has *2* kids AND a job and she’s been posty mcpost. So yes, I have just been lazy. But now I’m back.

Remember that one skirt from Express that I posted on facebook a while back? I said that no one, I mean NO ONE looks good in this type of skirt.

1. it's horizontal stripes 2. high contrast stripes 3. it's too short!!

In order to get back into your good graces I put aside my shame and tried on the skirt for your amusement. This had better get me into heaven.

See, it's just a clown skirt. And YOU, stop staring at my cleavage!!

So… we’re good?

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It was last fall, when laurgs or someone was freaking out saying “can I REALLY mix brown and black?” when I panicked, ran upstairs and hurriedly put together outfits and take pictures, and begged you all to  mix dark neutrals. Seriously. I am working on my big “Basic Black is Overrated” post, but it’s becoming quite the dissertation and will take time.  So consider this a quick reminder.  Brown and gray are not opposites that clash.   Go mix up your dark neutrals. Trust me.

Meanwhile, I notice that someone found this blog by searching for “older women in skirts and boots.” WTF, people. Older Women compared to whom? Okay, I will admit I freaked out momentarily today that my niece was turning 25, only to realize she was actually turning 26.  Insert “old lady losing my memory” joke here.  But I hate age jokes.  It’s just another trap of sabotaging ourselves.  Ha ha, let’s joke about how we can give up because we don’t matter anymore.  Don’t tell me I’m old.  Don’t complain that you are old. Especially if you are younger than me.  I am finally getting with it for the first time in my life.  I wouldn’t trade my age for anything.

But seriously, is this the older women in skirts and boots blog?

And for the festishists, or Older Women, or whoever you are: From my Skirts and Boots photo shoot. In the third picture, I am accidentally falling over trying to pose:

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