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Maggy London

Maggy London Matte Jersey Halter Dress in Melon, $108 at Nordstrom.

 Sometimes you have to wear a dress. 

Okay, not you.  Sometimes I am going to an event, where all women will be wearing dresses, and I want to fit in, and hope to do this in a really stellar dress.
Pretend I’m talking about a class reunion, for instance. Please don’t guess which class or which reunion.  If we spend months discussing my outfit plans in public, it might detract from my “haven’t seen you in 10 years, just showed up all naturally fabulous!” mystique.
There are a few dress brands that I know so well, I think I can eyeball them and order online.  Maggy London usually fits me well.  They carry it at Macy’s and Nordstrom. I love that vivid coral color, although one would risk being the only girl in a bright color when everyone else is wearing a Little Black Dress, making one feel juvenile and clownish. I love the ruching on this. I think the bust/waist would be perfect on me.  The halter top is a risk without trying it on though, who knows where the bra straps would land.
Adrianna Papell

Adrianna Papell Pleated Jersey Sheath Dress in Chocolate, $148 at Nordstrom

 Adrianna Pappell is also awesome.  Actually this one here is a bit conservative and worky. I’ll have to find another example.  I want short sleeve or sleeveless, because it’s hypothetically going to be warm where I’m hypothetically going.  Also, I’m doing arm exercises for physical therapy these days. And if a lady has GUNS for biceps, she might as show them off. Jersey is perfect, if you don’t want to choose between daytime-cotton and evening-satin.  And chocolate colored is an always-win.   

Also right now I love Boden.com.  I aced the mail-order dress last summer for my cousin’s wedding. This year they have more cute spring stuff.  Boden prints are super Euro Cute.  Which makes me nervous that they are a little too bright and funky for stateside. Again, this is my “childish” concern.  In some crowds, I feel like a total imposter in a room full of grownups.  Sometimes everyone even wears a damn suit, even on a weekend.  I am not wearing work clothes, that is not the point. 

“Blueberry Batik” drapey jersey dress from Boden, $128



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Nordstrom handbags 

Pantone has unveiled its 2010 Color of the year: Turquoise. For a little explanation on what Pantone is and why this is relevant, you can check out this New York Times article from 2007.  2010 is different than the “Blue Turquoise” of 2005, which we saw everywhere on those little lacy camisole-style tops people wore that summer. Remember?

Back in 2005, I read that “turquoise is the new black,” to which I remember my sister saying “ENOUGH with the NEW BLACK already. Do you wear turquoise BOOTS? No. Shut up.” She’s right. We don’t really need a new black.  Black is overrated anyway.  We should all be more creative with our dark neutrals and just move along.

Now it’s 2010 and I’m seeing this balmy, mellow turquoise is everywhere.  It’s nice.  The February 2010 Nordstrom catalog has an entire secton on turquoise handbags.  Not that any of us are fashion slaves that will run out and buy the latest thing, but this is a beautiful color.  If you are looking for something new, it can be fun to dip into something cool and current that will say “hey” like the Pantone color always does (last year it was mustard yellow).

Picking a perfect accessory is also a nice way to update your look if you are on a budget of, say, $5. If you’re going to buy one thing this spring, consider making it Turquoise.

2005: Blue Turquoise
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