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Yes, it is I

Hello everyone, it’s deathmama. The reason I haven’t been posting is.. wait, nevermind you don’t care.

So today my pal J and I went to the SEATTLE Premium Outlet Mall, which strangely enough is located in TULALIP, roughly 300 miles north of Seattle. Whatever. I’d really been needing some new tops and the disposable shirts I’ve been wearing out the past two years have finally started to die and decompose. I thought it was time to replenish my supply. I have a trip coming up next month and it would just be nice to have a batch of fresh clothing. Here are the things tried on at the Banana Republic store.

I think this is a rather flattering style on me. Cowl neck, semi fitted chest, and gathered clingy cappy shoulders. I like it even though my son thought it was hilarious.

Here we are seeing the exact same shirt but in a print, which I don't normally do. Now that I see the pictures side by side I think it is actually pretty cute. Sorry Robin, but I ended up getting the solid grey one.

Loved everything about this except the flimsy shoulder to arm transition that makes me paranoid about my shoulders. Also, Laurgs has this exact same shirt in 5 different permutations.

This front buttoned hooded cardigan sweater is a great color and shape but the big magnetic buttons were a pain and I look like I should be in a Def Leppard video. No go.

This was a last minute afterthought because I thought the stud things were old lady and kind of 80s. But you know what? I kind of loved it so I got it.

So I left with 2 shirts, both grey. I bet Robin is flaring her nose. At least it wasn’t black, yes? Because they had them in black.

Then I moseyed on over to the Gap Generation store and picked up 4 of these Tshirts because they were 60% off and like basically $6 each. I am probably a medium but I got the large instead because hey, billowy light fluffy summer disposable Tshirt.

I got this shirt in this nice deep blue, heather grey, slate grey and dark green.

So a grand total of 6 shirts, 4 of them grey. And I also got a grey sports bra but I’m not gonna post a picture because you’re a perv.

Lastly, please remember that if you take along a helper who puts up with all the changing and the waiting, reward them with a ride on the Lowly Worm apple car.

This photo is kind of relevant because he's wearing a shirt I got at the Osh Kosh store at the outlet the last time I was here.

That being said I didn’t reward J with a ride on the Lowly Worm apple car. Maybe next time.

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