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My sister asked me to write about some of my favorite items of clothing (“clo” being my son’s singular for “clothes” when he was 3).  I looked through a ton of pictures of myself for inspiration.  Mostly I learned that 1. I’m the Mommy so there aren’t many pictures OF me and 2. Most clothes I LOVE to wear actually look like hell on me.  I need to dedicate a later post to “Clothes I love but it turns out they look like hell when see myself in a picture.” But for now:


Classiques Entier chocolate brown top, charcoal suiting skirt, Cole Haan pumps and cabana-striped bag

Classiques Entier chocolate brown top, charcoal suiting skirt, Cole Haan pumps and cabana-striped bag

I got this outfit at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale in May, and I like it so much I want to sleep with it.  It makes me smile when I see it hanging in the closet.  I could wear it every week  and maybe I do.  I try to aim it at meetings where I’m seeing different people so my coworkers don’t get bored, but really, I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s the only thing I own.

This top was pushed on my by the Nordstrom sales associate, which bugged me at first because it was not on sale.  She was wily and she was right.  Sigh, Nordstrom.  It has fantastic gathers and drape for a perfect fit and shape. Square neckline is current and works well with above-the-shoulder hair.  It is a gorgeous shade of brown, which I LOVE, it is my most confident and most genuine color.  I particularly love deep brown with charcoal gray, a color combination that is new for me (I used to segregate all outfits into brown-centric and gray-centric.  They can’t BOTH be the new black, can they?)

The pencil skirt is not perfect, actually it’s way high-waisted — like 1930’s style above the navel — so I can’t zip it up over my middle.  It’s actually folded over until I lose more weight, which is a no-no, and gives those weird groin wrinkles.  But the line ends up working — it cuts in at my relatively small shoulder and hip (I think of them as the poles), with ruching for shape at the bust/waist (I think of that area as the tropics and equator).  Yes, I have baby fat and am still nursing my 2-year-old.  It’s got a matching suit jacket.

These shoes deserve their own blog: Comfortable (Nike Air technology), sweet peep-toe (my first).  And tortoiseshell that I couldn’t believe I even tried on — isn’t tortoiseshell an ANIMAL PRINT, which as we all know is most appropriately rocked by funky, cute Asian girls?  But I went for it, and gasp, there I was, they were me.  They stable and sturdy so I can walk fast without teetering – critical to pulling off any pair of heels.  I was a little weirded by peep toe = bare legs with a suit, but I’m dealing.  This exact shoe (in a few colors) is going to be on sale at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starting July 17.  Buy them, but please do not ask what I paid for them full-price.

The handbag is Francesco Biasia from Bloomingdales.com, where I had some killer discount with free delivery.  I love a satchel style, big enough to counterbalance one’s baby fat but doesn’t overwhelm  a short-end frame.  It’s a summery, stripey canvas with white leather trim and cute pewter buckles.  A fun cabana vibe that still says “trust me, I’m a lawyer.” It’s even got Mimosa Yellow, the Pantone 2009 color of the year , which I was determined to work into my wardrobe even though yellow is hell on me.

I recently sat by State Supreme Court Justice Debra Stephens (who is fabulous) at a brunch, and she said “THAT is a nice bag.”

And I said, “thank you, your honor.”


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