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Michael Kors Aubrey, $295

Our Gladiator Sandal Investigative Report has let to a number of important questions.  Today’s is the “KORS Michael Kors Aubrey” question.   “Aubrey” is a thoughtful little shoe. The line is elegant.  The Figure-8 Straps are current and flattering. The black-strap/silver-stud combination, while not a personal favorite, is well balanced. The wood heel is genius.  Wood is casual but wood is hard to craft so prettily, making it expensive-looking.   This would look great with flowing linen pants, a sexy denim skirt, or jeans.  This shoe is what it sets out to be: it has integrity.  It’s a great shoe for so many reasons — but 295 of them?   In a perfect world, would this matter (Or would a “perfect world,” by definition, still challenge us to prioritize our resources?)   

I told Meg Wood (yes, this Meg Wood) I could find her a similar shoe for under $100.  Did I lie? Maybe. Here’s why.   


Nine West Paprika, $80.

Check out “Paprika” by Nine West.  This also comes in black, but I don’t like black, so I wanted to show you this. The leather is snakeskin-textured. The embellishment is jeweled instead of studs.  The t-strap is up high on the ankle which makes it more aggressive.  The  heel is higher, so it’s vampier — overall it is a less versatile shoe, but dramatic and stylish.  


Jessica Simpson Clonise, $71.

Pretend this shoe doesn’t say “Jessica Simpson” for a moment so we can discuss it.  It has nice plunging instep straps (flattering). Wood heels (I like them better with pants).  Chunkier means trendier (and therefore younger).  The straps are thicker and, at least from the picture, don’t look quite as refined — a little cheaper.  The toe seems stodgy to me — is this an 1980’s Resurgence think? I worry that shoes like Krystle Carrington’s would make me look like a Golden Girl or an actual prostitute.   Which I don’t say lightly but seriously. When was the last time you saw a person wearing 25-year-old shoes?  


Nina Evegena, $89.95.

Nina Evegena is an evening shoe, with black satin and a rhinestone buckle.   


Calvin Klein Pallas

Calvin’s Klein Pallas is a “maybe’ as far as wearing witih jeans.   It’s pretty and solid. The heel is too high for me to consider it a versatile shoe.


Steve Madden Tarrgaa, $79

Steve Madden is definitely edgier, trendier, more sexy. This is a leg-stumper as far as gladiators go. I wouldn’t even consider a shoe like this. In fact, I’d be surprised to see it anywhere in the entire Pacific Northwest. Still, if you’re young and artsy and edgy, you might like this. 

Nine West

Nine West Fuschia, $66

Nine West has dozens of styles that are similar to the Aubrey. I like the Fuschia. Funky and hip but a nice, sweeping line.  A little bit of textural interest but still pretty. The heel is high and pretty thin, which I don’t like to do with pants. Maybe you do.   

So where does that get us? I don’t pay a premium only for a brand name.  And to be clear, none of these are my taste.  But the Michael Kors was hands-down the best I could find of its type.  Sometimes you get what you pay for in materials and design.  Or do you?


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Flagship Nordstrom, downtown Seattle. Seriously, there is no place like this place, anywhere.

Flagship Nordstrom, downtown Seattle: No place like it on earth. Raise your hand if you remember it as Frederick & Nelson’s!

Q: What could a fashion blogger possibly enjoy more than an afternoon of shopping alone at Nordstrom?

A: An afternoon of shopping with a friend.

Friends humor you when you keep saying, “I don’t understand why this is too small! The tag SAYS it is my size!”


Why can't I breathe? This says it should fit me. Ahem.

Friends understand if you don’t really need to buy anything today. Except a dress in case you decide to start going to the opera.


Aki in burgundy Asymmetrical Jersey Dress, Raisa in gray and taupe print pleated stretch jersey, both by Adrianna Papell

Calvin Klein Square-neck Satin Sheath in Sapphire

Calvin Klein Square-neck Satin Sheath in Sapphire

Friends nicely suggest you turn around for the picture because the back view doesn’t look as bad. We all know it doesn’t fit and I’ll never buy it so this is just for educational purposes.

BCBGMaxAzria plunging tight ruched thingy
Purple one

Purple color was even more stunning in person.

Aki on left in Calvin Klein; Robin on right in Donna Ricci (Yes I bought it . . . now we have to go to the opera, honey!)

Aki on left in Calvin Klein; Robin on right in Donna Ricco (Yes I bought it . . . Opera tickets!)

We agree we would be a perfect pair of bridesmaids, if only we had mutual single friends get married sometime soon. Any ideas?

Bridesmaids for hire!

Bridesmaids for hire!

The salesgirl had to help us because this had such funky weird ties we couldn’t figure it out. Then she said, “sometimes even petite women buy the Regular size for extra length” and, “that would also look great with a skinny jean!” This is a polite way of saying “your ass is hanging out.”

BCBGMaxAzria geometric poppy wrap matte jersey dress

BCBGMaxAzria geometric poppy wrap matte jersey dress

I loved this. The “robot” dress. I think Aki is adorable in a sassy little knee-length boatneck. She doesn’t like how this shoulder/sleeve combo emphasizes her shoulders:

BCBGMaxAzria geometric poppy wrap matte jersey dress

BCBGMaxAzria geometric empire waist

Sometimes things are so cute on the hanger, and just don’t fit, so you have to let them go.

Cute pink plaid, fit so sad.

Cute pink plaid, fit so sad.

I try on Jennie’s jacket, which apparently I think is hilarious so I laugh like a dork which absolutely defeats any chance I have a pulling it off.

Looks great on Jennie! Not me so much.
Looks great on Jennie! Not me so much.

Aki is tempted to reconsider her “no collars! No buttons!” rule. Because this is super cute, and super YOU.

Super-cute camo blouse
Super-cute camo blouse

This might be for a Fantasy Fabulous Day where we wear whatever amazing things we want. But also pictured here as inspiration for JvA’s backsplash design:

Via C glitter skirt. Attn JvA re backsplash!

Via C glitter skirt. Attn JvA re backsplash!

I bought one of the purple dresses and returned my NAS over-purchases. I decided I didn’t the Mom sweater, a top that I got in multiple colors that I’m less excited about now, and a halter dress for Baby C that was way too Hannah Montana for a 2 year old.

We went to Anthropologie and apply ourselves to finding non-hoodie cardigans. Aki starts to like the micro-fine gauge knit sweaters. Some are pretty cool. Some are so cool we can’t figure out how to put them on or whether to tie them. Anthropologie is like that, isn’t it.


Thinking about cardigans


Sassy or sad?

Some are almost cool, or maybe we are getting confused and can’t tell.


Beautiful ruffled berry color: Too fancy? Gray belted pleat cardigan: Too bathrobey?

Loved this, absolutely bewitching print and color. But slightly weird short sleeves and too stocky in the torso. Beautiful, but for $168 I require perfection.


Almost perfect peacock feather sweater

Good reason not to shop alone! Hey I look fantastic . . . !



“hmmm, Robin, do you want to check out the side view? No really, look at this picture I just took.” Oops, clingy fabric = bad bulge bra strap action. Sad!



Then I bought this, because it was pretty and comfy and I wanted an Anthropologie trophy. I also wanted something chic to wear to my friend’s art opening that evening. It turned out to look great with jeans.  Then halfway through the evening, I realized I had it on backwards.   It actually looked fine backwards, except you could kind of see the tag and also I told everyone “OMG this is BACKWARDS” which ruined the potential creative fashion moment of “I’m too sexy for my shirt [to face forward].”


Gray Allete tee from Ogle

As a grande finale, we ran through BCBGMaxAzria in Pacific Place on the way back to our cars. I found this for 70% off. . . same print as the robot dress!


BCBG "Robot," 40% off

Other Why Get Dressed Board of Directors meeting notes include:

  • Walking in different heel heights
  • Whether people with “high taste levels” (picky) end up looking better for it, or not
  • How we gravitate toward weirdo friends and if so whether that means we are weirdos. No, we’re not talking about any of you
  • Whether our single friends should all just marry each other.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on these and other exciting topics! Be sure to swing by and comment on what you see.  Otherwise we can’t ever know how other people perceive us.


Looking for a hand-painted dog statue? Watch for this to go on sale! Right now it’s $890.
Aki shopping outfit

Black wrap top, coral knit tube top, designer denim

Robin shopping outfit

Cashmere hoodie, plaid cotton skirt, suede flats

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