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Come for the Hugh Jackman, stay for the fashion

Okay. You win.

This is a fashion blog.  Where 30-something  ladies come for a little outfit inspiration, style tips and customized wardrobe advice. On a good day, anyway. Aki’s computer is broken and mine’s missing the H key. We both have little kids. It’s hard to keep up with you all sometimes.

We also like Hugh Jackman. I don’t even remember how this started, except now we get upwards of 100 hits per day from people searching for dear Hugh.  I always feel bad that WGD doesn’t have more to offer for our Hugh fanbase. So starting today he gets his own Hugh Jackman News Updates Page  and his own tab (above).  I will updated as much as I can with news and information about ol’ Hugh. Did you know he was on Jay Leno this week? I didn’t, until I looked it up and posted it here.

On your own new Hugh Jackman websource. 

Meanwhile, help Robin find a class reunion dress!
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